What to Expect at Joy Fountain Church

Want to schedule a (family) visit to any of our Sunday meetings?


Upon arrival you will be greeted by our friendly Welcome Ambassadors.


You will be helped with registering your children for age appropriate classroom programs we have planned for them every Sunday. This will help you move through the drop-off process quickly at the break and ensure our safety procedures are in place for you.

You will find a happy crowd, pumped, and excited in the main Theatre for the service which starts at exactly 10.30am. Your children will be with you for the first portion, as we have a “family style” musical worship experience.

You will hear, and most likely participate in a mix of energetic, inspiring, and soul-stirring worship music within a very lively and joyful atmosphere.


You are free to sit or stand and even sing along if you like. We won’t bother you!

Trust us! You won’t be expected to give your money or pay for anything at any point. Our Sunday worship and meeting experience is our FREE gift to you.

We will, at some point, ask for your name and phone number just so we can communicate with you after your visit and get your feedback and any thoughts you may have to help us get better. And, we won’t sell your contact details! Never!

After about 30 minutes of worship we will take about a 7-minute break so parents can accompany their children for check in at their respective programs.


We reconvene sometimes for a song presentation and then a final down to earth talk which we call a “message” or “sermon” with a Biblical theme relevant for every facet of living today.


Dismissal is around noon and if you had dropped your children off you can now pick them up within 15 minutes in the Gym where they will have been playing, following their time in the classroom.

We are excited to offer you a reception in the staff room where we can connect with you better for a few minutes before your departure.

We are so excited at the possibility of meeting you (and your family) this next Sunday – it’s “come as you are”!

If you plan a visit please you may register here (or just show up) and we will be sure looking out for you.

We meet in the theatre at Miles Macdonell Collegiate. Parking is South of the building on the Chelsea street parking lot.

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